Aligned Living

There are so many lessons that we all learn along this journey of life. Some of us get it the first time and some of us need to be hit upside the head to get it, myself included. When life is presenting challenges, it's an opportunity to pause. To look at how we are operating (existing) and perhaps we need to reevaluate our existence. I was on a good path, following guidance as it came, trying what was working for others, listening to advise from everyone, over-evaluating and critiquing myself, this was my existence (reality).

The shift came when I found myself in front of the person who would teach me this deeper, cleaner, peaceful way of living in Alignment. One thing I know for sure is I am always where I am meant to be and I'm always right on time, and this was one of those moments. After this divinely orchestrated meeting, the studio I was meant to have dropped into my lap next I learned this new way of living, I live it and now assist others to align with themselves. 

We all have a path. We can either follow in someone else's footsteps tuck under their connection, or we can find our own. The gift I have to offer is connecting you to your alignment, source, light, connection, purpose, soul. I am an amplifier, teacher, leader and crusader of truth and purity.