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Should You Do a Meditation Retreat?

You’re always hearing it from me: meditation is SO important and retreats are a catalyst for moving forward and connecting deeper with your inner self. Sometimes, it’s just better to hear it from the sources: the courageous and wonderful souls that have been to a Healing Mariah retreat. Read the reviews below from a few recent attendees of the San Diego retreat.

"Overall, I found the retreat to be very restorative and relaxing. The format and timing of the activities were perfect -- not too long, not too short - just right. I was very happy with the experience and learned so much information that's relevant and applicable to everyday life. Thanks again for having me!" - Maria H.
"I was able to attend Mariah’s retreat and it was more than I could have ever expected. Mariah’s retreat was in a peaceful beautiful environment with good vibes all around. I felt comfortable from the start.

Everything flowed and I felt safe and comfortable through the whole experience. I definitely came out of it with a lot of clarity and excitement for another retreat and excitement for life and where I'm at. I walked away from the retreat feeling so blessed and grateful to have been able to join her and some other amazing ladies on the journey.
" - Andrea K.
"I would like to start out by saying how comfortable I was at this retreat and how inviting the space was. Going into something that can be vulnerable, not knowing the other people, or what to expect can be intimidating. This turned out to be quite the opposite. Mariah has a way of keeping things relaxed and peaceful, and making you feel completely at home.
I got so much from my experience, including a deeper understanding of meditation and yoga and how it can benefit me in my daily life, how to make and use a Mantra Mala, trusting and opening myself up to the divine, and many other wonderful gifts.

I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone. Thank you for all you do Mariah!" - Amy N.
"First, I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've opened my mind and more importantly my heart to a practice I never understood. The retreat was transformative. I'm sorry if that sounds cliche and not incredibly creative but it really has changed me. It was intense, overwhelming at times, emotional and simply beautiful.

You allowed us to be open with each other and our selves and feel uncommonly safe at the same time. I would do another retreat or weekly practice with you in a heartbeat! Thank you so very much for helping me see myself in a new light. Much love
" - Janene D.
Reading this feedback about the retreat helps me not only improve on future retreats, but also realize that I’m right where I’m supposed to be: serving and teaching others simple, positive techniques toward integrated healing.
Have a beautiful day and Namaste!

Namaste in India

Though thousands of miles from San Diego, my first time in India felt as if I had returned home. In fact from the moment I landed, something about India was so familiar, as if it were embedded in my DNA.

This will be my third trip this year. WHY you ask?

I’m fulfilling my soul’s longing to teach others
how to discover their truth.

As I visit India I will be exploring the sites for my next retreat (that's right, I'm hosting!) to INDIA!!! A full awakening of the body, mind and spirit. Details for the India Retreat will be coming soon, stay tuned. Until then, check out my upcoming San Diego retreat in May.

Planning an overseas trip can be daunting, especially if technology might be limited in the area or if you’re looking for an authentic and local experience. One thing that has really put my mind at ease is going with a group that can first-hand vouch for places and activities.

When my mind is at ease I can put all my attention on the journey.
The journey into the self.

I want to know that the place I’m staying meets my criteria of safe, clean, easily accessible or close proximity to certain places or things, and is a positive experience.

Having this part already figured out means I can focus more energy on the actual point of my stay --- to go deeper within, to discover the parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed. To show up and have all the details taken care of means the real work can begin.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m doing this for you! One of best ways I know how to serve others is to do some of the work for them. By exploring and experiencing the country, I’ve done the work to create a retreat that can deliver. That means turning the unknowns into the knowns.

There is no greater gift than journeying with someone who has “been there and done that!”

Get a feel for what the India retreat will be like by following along with my journey on Instagram @healingmariah.

I already know I’ll come back from India with so many great insights, techniques, and tools for integrated healing and how to guide you better. I’m looking forward to sharing these abundantly at my upcoming San Diego retreat May 5th-7th. I’d LOVE for you to join me. Get all the details on the Retreats page.

Upcoming Retreat - Yoga and Meditation by the Beach

Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward? Let me be your guide in this yoga and meditation retreat.

Namaste, everyone. I'm so excited to announce dates and information for my upcoming integrated healing retreat. Designed to help you move forward, this all-level retreat is the perfect mix of yoga, meditation, and writing in the comfort of your local backyard San Diego.

Integrated Healing That's Approachable & Relatable

Moving Forward Yoga & Meditation Retreat
When: May 5th-7th, 2017 in Encinitas
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm everyday
Price: $375

  • 3-day retreat in a private beach home
  • All levels of experience welcome, 10 spaces MAX
  • Each day includes yoga, meditation, & writing focusing on our major energy centers & how they affect us...oh, & beach walks too!

Have we met yet? I'm Mariah and I'll be guiding you throughout the retreat. I'm a master teacher of reiki, certified yoga instructor, and meditation guide with a with a gentle touch and wide open heart.

Play the Instagram video to the right for a little introduction about myself and the upcoming retreat.

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