A Mala is a strand of beads that holds energy. The word bead means prayer, so a mala is also known as prayer beads. You can wear your mala and also use it as a tool in meditation to use with a mantra.

malas and mantras

These Malas are one of a kind. Created for those who wish to deepen their practice and learn how to use a daily mantra to empower your life. Each Mala holds Divine Energy and comes with a personal mantra. A mantra is used to bring a specific characteristic to your life i.e. surrender, acceptance, wisdom, prosperity, or unconditional love. When you approach spiritual practices with great love and effort the return is immeasurable. To purchase your mala go to the Online Store and we will be in contact with you as to how to select your personal Mala and Mantra. Price includes mantra, blessings and shipping.