Altars, mantras and malas

How do we call the Divine? Using the sacred sounds of the Universe as chanting mantra we can call the Divine. In this workshop we will discuss the value of creating a sacred space in the home, like an altar, discovering what our personal mantra is and how to use a mala, prayer beads. An altar in the home is a place for prayers, chanting mantra and meditation. Over time the vibration of the chanting will call the Divine to the altar and this is how a temple is created. So not only is the temple a place that brings Divine energy to the home it also helps the energy build within the chanter thus shifting the physical body into a temple. Mantras are sacred syllables used together designed to call a particular Hindu God or Goddess. The word Mantra broken down is Man - which means mind and Tra - is through. We use sacred mantra to pierce thru the thinking mind and become that mantra. The word bead means prayer. A mala is a beaded gemstone necklace used to chant your mantra as it can hold Divine energy also. Each participant will receive a personal mantra and a mala to bring Divine energy to every area of our lives and it starts with us.