self-discovery and healing with YOGA, Meditation, and Writing

What does iT mean to RESTORE?

Restore means to bring back to an original or normal condition. That is what this Restored Yoga Series offers. This is a 7 class series, each class is 75 minutes and will have yoga poses, meditation, and mantras with journaling. We will focus on the energy centers of the body and the poses, meditations, and writing will support the energy center/chakra of focus for that particular class.

Restored Yoga Series at a Glance:


Yoga poses, asanas, are designed to align the energy centers in sacred movement and prepare the physical body for a deeper meditation. The yoga poses support the area of focus or theme for that class.


The guided meditation takes you on a journey of self discovery continuing to focus on the theme of the day. Quiet the mind, tap into your intuition, and remove the many blocks and negative thought patterns that can inhibit productivity and creativity. Because our thoughts and beliefs mold our choices and actions, meditation is a powerful tool to clear the mind of old ideas and create space for the new.


The practice ends with a prompted journaling exercise to release, heal, and restore your natural state of being. Meditation and yoga both serve to ‘dislodge’ or bring to the surface many of our blocks and narratives. Free writing provides an outlet to give expression to these findings, and therefore a way to understand and release them.

Cost: $99 for 7 classes each 60-80 minutes

Hi, I'm Mariah. I'll be your guide.

I help people get back to their most natural and authentic selves and I do that through integrated healing: yoga, meditation, and essential oils.

You can expect my style to be nurturing, approachable, and relatable. And I promise to create an experience that is compassionate, safe, and fun-loving, to ultimately support your journey in change and moving forward.