I'm here to guide you with a natural healing services, including meditation, yoga, reiki, and mala-making.  If you'd like to host an event, or request more information about any of our services, please contact me.

Mala-making Workshops

Mala making workshops

Craft your own personal mala to use in your practice or to give as a gift to a loved one. You'll be guided on the best stones and frequencies for you, as well as how to craft our piece based on an ancient tradition of mala creation.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Sessions

This Japanese energy healing modality assists the participant in healing emotional and physical imbalances and disease through guided energy work. Sessions are available privately, or as part of a group workshop.


Guided sessions offered as groups and individually take participants deeply within themselves, leading to greater relaxation, mental clarity, reduced anxiety, and strengthened intuition.

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