This five hour workshop was designed to assist those in the service industry. When we spend our days serving others it is vital that we learn how to serve from our full selves thus never feeling depleted, overwhelmed, stressed or exhausted. In this process not only do we discover our Guru Within, we also learn daily practices to tap into our fullest potential and serve others from that vibration. This workshop comes with a complete workbook with all the information discussed.

  • Energy ~ Vibration ~ Frequency

  • Energy Centers within the physical body ~ Chakras

  • Hand Positions ~ Mudras

  • Daily Practices ~ Yoga Poses ~ Asanas

  • Meditation and Tools

  • The Ascension Process ~ The key that unlocks the door

Developing a simply and affective methodology using all that I have learned which is designed to help each person reach a new potential in their lives and contribute to life in a more meaningful way. When each individual prioritizes their own well-being and self-awareness, their relationships with others and their own self transforms. The result is a profoundly positive impact in our lives.


JANUARY 19th, 2019

  • Time 1pm-5pm in Encinitas, California

FEBRUARY 23rd, 2019

  • Time 1pm-5pm in Encinitas, California

MARCH 9TH, 2019

  • Time 1pm-5pm in Encinitas, California