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This transformational workshop is the one you’ve been praying for. The Guru Within assists us to connect with the Divine, as we define it. Each of us has a universal force or light within us and I am here to help you discover and master yours. In this workshop we will discuss…

  • Energy ~ Vibration ~ Frequency

  • Energy Centers within the physical body ~ Chakras

  • Hand Positions ~ Mudras

  • Daily Practices ~ Yoga Poses ~ Asanas

  • Meditation and Tools

  • Chanting ~ Mantras as the sacred sounds

  • The Ascension Process ~ The key that unlocks the door

Developing a simply and affective methodology using all that I have learned which is designed to help each person reach a new potential in their lives and contribute to life in a more meaningful way. When each individual prioritizes their own well-being and self-awareness, their relationships with others and their own self transforms. The result is a profoundly positive impact in our lives.


JANUARY 19th, 2019

  • Time 1pm-5pm in Encinitas, California

FEBRUARY 23rd, 2019

  • Time 1pm-5pm in Encinitas, California

MARCH 9TH, 2019

  • Time 1pm-5pm in Encinitas, California